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There is a wild side to me I guess you could say…a very very wild side. 

when I see you

                                         my heart stops.

my mind wonders

                                          my world slows.

I forget to breath

                                          I forget who I am

I loose sight of my goals

                                              I become lily.

When I am nothing but lola.

Who are you to tell me.

I am innocent.

                                           I do drugs.

I don’t smoke           

                                             I get high

I don’t sneak out

                                            I get laid a lot

I don’t drink

                                           I am always wasted

I do good in school

                                            i skip classes

I don’t believe in love 

                                              I am a cheater

I am very different

                                                yet we are the same

I am lola

                                                I am lily

but we are both the same

In the same body

Just two different mind sets.

I fucked up. 

I never know who I am

Which one i am

Am I lola 

                                           Or am i lily

what am I know

                                  we are a monster.

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